Software Licensing

Authentication and Continuous Licensing by Subscription

At the time of purchase of CannyFx Software Users will receive an initial 45-day User License.

This FREE Trial period may be extended if FX Licensing Consultants Pty Ltd [FXLC], as the owner of the CannyFx Software, chooses to do so.

The CannyFx Software is then subject to continuous license authentication by FXLC.

After the initial purchase cost, the software you purchase is subject to a regular subscription payment which licenses you for a further period of use.

Your User License will be extended.

You will be billed automatically on a monthly basis for your continued use of the software. You will be notified by an email reminder within a week of the end of the subscription term that your subscription will automatically renew by default at the current renewal price listed in the email. Do nothing, and you authorize FXLC to charge the renewal subscription price to your credit card on file.

You may cancel your subscription by using the email link provided to you in the renewal reminder email or by informing FXLC via the email renewals at before your current subscription ends.

FXLC reserves the right to cancel any User License without notice if a subscription payment remains unpaid for a period of 14 days or more after the subscription due date.

Cancellation of Subscription

The cancellation  can be made by informing FXLX by emailing: 

Any delinquent or unpaid amounts must be paid in full before a re-subscription may be made for software previously purchased.

Privacy and User Information

Please read our Privacy Policy for information about the use and storage of your personal and company information. The User agrees not to use a false name or misleading information and further agrees to provide CannyFx with current, complete, and accurate information as required when completing the registration form, and to maintain and update the information as required to keep it current, complete, and accurate.

If CannyFx suspects that any information is not correct it reserves the right to terminate any existing access to the website or User License and to block access to the restricted area without notification.

Termination and/or Modification

Either party may terminate this agreement at any time. If the user party no longer agrees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement they should notify FXLC by emailing:

The Agreement will continue to apply to all past use of the information, content, tools, products, and services on the website, even if they are no longer being used.

By continuing to use our Website, you are agreeing to our placing cookies on your computer, and you positively acknowledge our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Software Licensing conditions.

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